Solar Subcontracting

Photograph of a solar project in Iowa, showcasing True Solar's exceptional subcontracting expertise. True Solar's subcontracting services ensure top-tier solar installations, promoting sustainability and renewable energy.

Complete Post-Sale Solar Solutions

When it comes to your solar business, True Solar is your ultimate partner, offering flexible subcontracting that fit your needs. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we provide two compelling options: installation services par excellence or comprehensive end-to-end solutions that handle everything post-sale.

Whether you require seamless installation services or prefer a one-stop solution from site evaluation and permitting to installation, electrical work, engineering, interconnection processing, and more, we’ve got you covered. Your success is our mission, and we’re here to ensure your projects shine from start to finish.

Trusted Solar Experts

Our foremen all boast over a decade of experience.

Our back office team collectively possesses more than two decades of experience.

Together, our team has successfully managed solar projects totaling more than 100 MW.

Size Doesn't Matter – We Do it All

From cozy residential rooftops to expansive commercial projects that span acres, True Solar is ready for any subcontracting challenge. Our seasoned installation crew thrives on complexity and excels in precision. Your project’s size is just another opportunity for us to showcase our expertise.

When you work with True Solar, you benefit from over a decade of industry experience. Our installation team is second to none, with each member bringing a wealth of knowledge to every project. Quality and efficiency are our hallmarks, and we’re committed to delivering outstanding results.

Photo of a prominent solar project in Iowa, highlighting True Solar's subcontracting excellence. With their proven subcontracting capabilities, True Solar is driving the success of sustainable solar installations in the region.

Elevate Your Business with True Solar Subcontracting

Why stop at installation when True Solar can be your partner for the entire journey? Our complete post-sale solar solutions are designed to make your life easier. From site evaluation and permitting to installation, electrical work, trenching, and more, we handle it all. You close the sale, and we take care of the rest. This leaves you free to focus on what you do best: selling solar solutions and growing your business.


Our experts will help you determine if solar is a match for your clients home or business.


Our engineers will design a solar system unique to your clients specific energy needs.


Our permitting team will work with your city to prepare your clients for installation.


Our build team will install the system with the care and attention to detail your clients deserve.

Trusted Subcontracting for Local Solar Companies

True Solar is the go-to choice for numerous local solar companies, and we’re proud to be their trusted installation partner. We’ve already successfully completed installations for a range of local businesses, consistently delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. With True Solar by your side, you’re not just partnering with a company; you’re joining forces with a seasoned team that has already earned the trust of your peers in the industry. Let us bring our expertise and reliability to your solar projects, ensuring they shine as brilliantly as the sun itself.

An image featuring a significant solar project in Iowa, with True Solar's subcontracting prowess at its core. True Solar's subcontracting proficiency is the driving force behind the success of this sustainable solar installation.
Capturing the essence of a substantial solar project in Iowa, True Solar's subcontracting excellence shines through. The expertise of True Solar's subcontracting services is evident in this impressive sustainable solar installation.
A compelling image of a solar project subcontracted to True Solar in Iowa. True Solar's subcontracting prowess ensures top-notch, sustainable solar installations.
An illustrative snapshot of a solar endeavor subcontracted to True Solar, an Iowa-based industry leader in subcontracting for solar projects.
A visual representation of a solar initiative subcontracted to True Solar in Iowa, underscoring their subcontracting excellence in the realm of sustainable energy solutions.
A striking image of a solar project in Iowa, a testament to True Solar's subcontracting proficiency and their dedication to fostering renewable energy solutions.
A snapshot of a solar venture subcontracted to True Solar, emphasizing their subcontracting expertise in Iowa's solar energy landscape.
A captivating photograph showcasing a solar project subcontracted to True Solar in Iowa, reflecting True Solar's subcontracting competence in delivering sustainable solar solutions.
A glimpse of a solar subcontracting project in Iowa, highlighting True Solar's exceptional subcontracting expertise and their commitment to renewable energy solutions.
An illustrative photograph of a solar project, where subcontracting by True Solar in Iowa ensures the success of sustainable solar installations.
A visual representation of a solar endeavor in Iowa, exemplifying True Solar's subcontracting excellence and their contribution to the growth of renewable energy.

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