True Solar Podcast – Episode 1 – Solar Panels

John Lenz and Robby Cooper from @truesolariowa discuss everything solar panel related in this inaugural episode of the True Solar Podcast. If you have solar related questions for the guys be sure to leave your comments below or hit us up at @truesolariowa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

True Solar is a group of Iowa solar professionals with experience throughout the industry. Our mission is simply to provide solar energy to our community in a straight forward and honest way. That is why we are resolute in our goal to provide a better, more reliable customer experience than anyone else. Let’s see if your home is a good match for solar. Visit us at https://truesolariowa.com/ today for your free solar consultation.

Learn more about John: https://truesolariowa.com/john-lenz/
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Learn more about Robby: https://truesolariowa.com/robby-cooper/
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