True Solar: Quality Over Quantity in Iowa

In a landscape where growth and expansion often overshadows excellence, True Solar reaffirms its commitment to being Iowa’s premier solar installation company, prioritizing quality over quantity. With a track record of a 97% inspection approval rate in 2023, True Solar is not just another installer; it’s a beacon of reliability and craftsmanship in the solar sector.

True Solar’s unique approach extends beyond serving homeowners directly; it is also the backbone for installations of five other solar companies in Iowa that rely on subcontractors. This collaboration underscores True Solar’s reputation as an operations-first company, boasting the finest installers in the region and a steadfast commitment to top-notch workmanship at fair prices.

“We’re not chasing the dream of becoming a big-box, nationwide installer,” said Travis Eichelberger, Founder of True Solar. “The revenue, the number of installations, etc. isn’t our focus.  We want to install high quality systems that meet and exceed all regulatory inspections and home/business owner expectations.  We challenged the team to achieve a 95% inspection pass rate, and we exceeded that with 97% for the year, and 100% for the last 60 days and counting.”

This philosophy resonates with both homeowners and solar companies alike, making True Solar the trusted partner for those seeking dependable solar solutions. With the focus on quality over quantity, True Solar selectively evaluates each project to ensure it’s a good fit for both parties.  At times this has required True Solar to walk away from potential projects.

“If you’re chasing the revenue, chasing every single project you can get, you can’t also execute at a premium level.  We do walk away from projects that don’t fit us, or may stretch us too thin.  We owe it to our customers to provide the best experience, and we protect that experience at all costs,” added Eichelberger.

As True Solar continues to lead by example, it invites Iowa residents and businesses to experience the difference that comes with a quality-first approach to solar installations.

About True Solar

True Solar is the leading solar installation company in Iowa, known for its exceptional in-house installations, operational excellence, and fair pricing. As a company that values quality over expansion, True Solar has earned the trust of homeowners and other solar companies alike. Committed to sustainable energy solutions and unparalleled customer service, True Solar is your trusted partner in the transition to renewable energy.

For more information, please visit TrueSolarIowa.com, or call their main line at 855-873-2797.

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